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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could order cannabis from Amazon? Two day shipping has spoiled me. Amazon does actually sell “full spectrum hemp oil” but nothing that explicitly contains CBD or other cannabinoids. The following legal U.S. CBD sources are ones I have used.  In all cases they shipped in smell-proof packaging and products arrived safely. They have Certificates of Analysis (COAs) available. Some of the links are affiliate links that help fund this site. Some sites have promo codes you can use to save money when you check out.  Please do not share these codes on other websites. 

CBD Products including CBD Hemp Flower

Mystic RootsThey have lowered their prices and they have great flower.  They offer some of the best deals on CBG Hemp Flower.

Starseed Botanicals – Their hemp flower is the best on the market, top-shelf and cured well.  They have also dropped their prices and all strains of flower now have COAs. Use the code CANNAPHARM for 15% off their prices. This company has products that many others don’t.  They offer a Rick Simpson Hemp Oil that averages 500mg pure CBD in a 1gm base.  Military, students, first responders, and teachers get a discount.

Black Tie CBD – An interesting company in Oregon that offers CBD oil, topicals, vape cartridges and well-cured CBD hemp flower.  They make up their hemp strain names, using names from marijuana varieties – so it’s hard to compare strains to other companies.  Use the code CANNAPHARM for a 10% discount for orders over $25. They lost credit card processing but they will process checks electronically. They do have CBG Flower.

Treasure Valley CBD – This company sells CBD hemp flower and high strength CBD body balms. Their $30 sampler pack is a good way to dip your toes into CBD flower. You get a gram of 4 different strains. Use Promo code GRIHALOQDH for 10% off your order. Open again accepting checks and money orders.

CBD Oils, Isolates, Gummies and other stuff (but no Hemp Flower) – A distributor of Green Roads and Ananda CBD and cannabis products formulated by pharmacists.  “Your pharmacy’s Cannabis, Delivered!”

CBD Oils and Edibles – A Florida company with a huge amount of educational material and an interesting line-up of CBD products. They claim to use an organic extraction method for many of their oils.  Their gummies are 25mg each and they have a line of CBG isolate products as well.

Lazarus Naturals – A company known for it’s discounts given to veterans and those with disabilities.  Their CBD is extracted using ethanol rather than the CO2 that many companies use.  They have detailed lab results and an excellent reputation.

CBDistillery – This is a company specializing in CBD oils and extracts. They offer high potency oil at great prices. They are working speeding-up shipping times, and the products are all well documented and are worth any wait. Use the code CANNAPHARM for an additional 5% off. 

Charlotte’s Web – A pioneering company specializing in CBD hemp oil. This is a great product for those who don’t want to smoke or vape hemp flower. They became famous helping children with seizures.

Fully Activated – A Colorado firm that has excellent prices on CBD hemp oil and CBD isolate products (that contain no THC). Their Full Spectrum CBD Salve has a full gram of CBD in 2 ounces of salve. The link here will give you a 15% off coupon if you give them your email address.  It’s probably worth it because they will send occasional emails about flash sales. Their CBD Salve is the strongest I’ve seen with 1000mg CBD in 2 ounces of salve.

Kanabia – This company has a unique broad spectrum CBD oil that includes CBD, CBDV, CBG, and THCV. The idea is that including these “minor” cannabinoids enhances the entourage effect while still not including THC. Use code cannap15 for 15% off. 

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